Posted on Apr 19 2017
by Marco Fantone

On Saturday May 6th starting at HIGH NOON, we kick off another year of La Grange Cup with the 500M Sprint at the famed Encino Velodrome. LG Cup is the ultimate source of club bragging rights for an entire year. No Strava segment even comes close!

Posted on Sep 1 2015
by jrcdzn

Dear members,

It is with deep regret that I inform you that long-time La Grange member Howard Krepack passed this weekend after a long and valiant battle with ALS.

Howard and his law firm (Gordon Edelstein, but more commonly known as GEKLAW) were also generous sponsors of La Grange for many years and have been very involved in cycling advocacy work.

Funeral services were held be at Hillside Memorial Chapel on Monday, August 31 at 2:00 PM.

If you care to make a donation in Howard's Memory to support ALS research please do so at this link:


Posted on Jun 11 2015
by Robert Efthimos

With 2015 LG Cup Director Sportif Marco Fantone currently channeling the spirit of Bear Grylls on his annual camping trip to commune with the Children of the Forest, we would like to take this opportunity to remind you that LG Cup #2, the 

Posted on Apr 26 2015
by mullrus

By nature, I am a climber and had largely given up on the idea of winning a bear jersey at the SCNCA District Road Race Champioship in Bakersfield because the course has only relatively short climbs and the sprinters/power climbers tend to win on the last 600 yard power climb. For two years in a row, I was in the lead on that little power climb and finished 4th and 3rd behind the power climber/sprinters in my 60+ age division.

With some key advice from my coach (Ron Peterson), it became clear that I needed to break from the crowd at some point this year.   So about 1/3 of the way up the first climb on the second of two laps with about 17 miles to go, I hit it hard.   I looked back after 10 seconds and saw no one responding so I hit it again and continued to accelerate.  I got several hundred yards on the crowd over the top of the climb.  One guy made a run at me before the turnaround, which was fortunate, because we agreed to work together.  Really worked well as we held about a quarter mile lead until just before the final power climb when 3 or 4 of the sprinter types had closed the gap to 20 seconds or so.  

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Posted on Apr 18 2015
by Brian Koester
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Today we had a Patch and Pizza Party for Flight School. As the name suggests, we patched bike tubes while we dined on Beach Pizza. I believe part of my role as Director of the Flight School program is to do more than teach the kids how to race. My job is to hopefully instill a life-long love for for cycling. And part of being a cyclist is knowing how to take care of your equipment. So today I taught the boys (Ivy was busy with a school event) how to repair a flat tube. A simple task that saves lots of money over throwing it out and buying a new one. They were a little sloppy at first but soon got the hang of it. Fortunately or unfortunately, I had plenty of flat tubes that needed to be repaired.

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Posted on Nov 25 2014
by jrcdzn

Mark your calendars for 8am on Thanksgiving Day (Nov 27, 2014) for our annual Thanksgiving Ride to benefit Meals on Wheels. We leave Peet's Brentwood (San Vicente and Gorham) at 8am and head south towards Palos Verdes. Some will stop at Catalina Coffee in Redondo Beach while others will continue on a bit for a quick lap around the golf course in Palos Verdes, with a full regroup at Catalina Coffee.

Refreshments served! And if that is not enough, Sherri Foxworthy from our sponsor Helen's Cycles will be on hand taking photos along the route. Come join us! If you are able to, please bring a cash or check donation for Meals on Wheels so that we can make a significant contribution to this great cause! If you can not join us and would like to make a donation please do so at

Posted on Nov 16 2014
by Larry Goodman

LaGrange Member Jonathon Weiss has been working along with the board to convince the city to rename the intersection of Westwood Boulevard and La Grange Avenue "Raymond Fouquet Square" in memory of local resident, restaurateur and Velo Club La Grange founder Raymond Fouquet. 



Posted on Nov 14 2014
by Brian Koester
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In case you were wondering what the new clothing order looks like, I've attached a sample of all the clothing that's available. BTW, check out the new Flight School stuff. It's the BOMB!

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Posted on Nov 11 2014
by Tom Hill

Sunday November 9th

This past weekend I took a road trip up to Pismo Beach to take part in the Giro Della Costa Centrale.

It was the first annual Italian style Gran Fondo in San Luis Obispo.  The entries were limited to 600 riders and the event sold out in advance.  There were a number of pro riders including Tour de France competitors-Christian VandeVelde and Peter Stetina. Others were Wayne Stetina, Ina Yoko-Tutenberg, Patty Peoples, Sara Headley-Clafferty, Kristabel Doebel-Hickok, Shawn Morelli, Adam Laurent, Casey Bateman and Allard Jensen.

We were supposed to start at 7:45 a.m., but the fog was very heavy with poor visibility and the roads were wet at 48 degrees.  After waiting 10 minutes things were not improving so off we went.

Before the start my legs were shaking uncontrollably from the cold.  Being spoiled in Southern Cal. rarely does it get that cold. We began with a mile descent which made it even colder.  My arms began to shake uncontrollably now as well.  I was actually having difficulty holding my bike upright.  I felt like Clyde my 9 pound Chihuahua mix when he starts to shake and cannot stop.

Posted on Nov 5 2014
by petro55

Hello LG Members,

It is finally time again for another clothing order window.   The order is currently open and will be open through Sunday, November 16th at 9:00PST.

Simply Click Here to go to the Castelli order site, login, and place an order.  There is a link on the upper right portion of the page for the current artwork for all 3 kits; the club, women’s and NEW Flight School Kit.

Regarding the new Flight School kit for the juniors, we are excited for the new design and all club members are encouraged to support our junior race team by purchasing one or more kits of the exciting and flashy new design below.

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