Dexter Koester battles back to take 3rd in State Chamionships on the track

Dexter's weakest event is the 500m TT and that was first up. But Dexter put in a good TT time of 45.56 giving him 4th place overall in the three race omnium. Dexter's main competition was Alex M. and Alexander L. Alex loves the breakaway and uses it effectively all the time when he races. Alexander is more of a sprinter so he likes to wait for the one to go bell to make his move. Knowing this, Dexter's plan was to mark Alex and wait for his breakaway move at around 2-3 to go and if that doesn't go down, then find Alexander and duke it out for the sprint.

In the first 1K scratch race, Alex didn't make his usual move because the pace was too high so it came down to a sprint and Dexter was lined up on Alexander's wheel. When the sprint was started, Dexter was able to hold his wheel but couldn't quite get around him so he finished third behind Alex and Alexander.

The last race was a 2k scratch and this time Dexter marked Alexander. With 2 laps to go, Alex made his usual move and jumped out of the pack and got a 5 bike length lead. Dexter had prepared for this by going high on the track to the balastrad before Alex made his jump. Unfortunately, Dexter didn't use his advantage in the turn and didn't see Alex jump so he didn't counter the move until he got to the straight away which doesn't use the advantage he gained earlier. Dexter finished 4th in the race but had enough points to make 3rd overall.

I'm proud of him. Tactically, Dexter raced great in both scratch races and just didn't cash in the leverage he gained at the end of the second race. So now he knows for next time.

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