LG Cup Events #2 and #3 - Mark Your Calendars!


The 2nd and 3rd events in the annual LG Cup are coming!

July 19: LG Cup Event #2, the PCH 20K time trial. We leave from Trancas Canyon and head north for 20K, almost to "The Rock." No stoplights means it's full gas from start to finish. Last year, we had a stiff tailwind and the leaders averaged over 100mph! OK, that would be illegal. Maybe more like 30mph! It was FAST! You don't even need a TT bike, as all manner of bikes are welcome, but no recumbents or tandems (nice try!). Come out and see how fast you can pedal your bicycle down a road.

September 7: LG Cup Event #3, the Piuma Hill Climb. Yes, this is the one that started it all, the first club event that spawned what is now the 3-event LG Cup! Go ahead and start your diets now, because we climb all of Piuma (from Malibu Canyon Road), and then when you think you're done, NOPE it's time to head up for more climbing up Schueren Road to finish at Saddle Peak. Last year our awesome sponsor Helen's Cycles was at the top with much-needed hydration and nutrition. Come out to see how you stack up against your fellow members, or come out to set your own PR on Piuma. This one is always a lot of fun!

We will announce registration details as the events approach, but for now, mark your calendars for these dates.


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VLG, where do we sign up?