Posted on May 13 2013
by webtech

I competed in the US qualifier for the UCI World Masters Championship in Cold Spring, NY (across the Hudson from West Point) over the weekend. 250 riders with a number of celebrities (Erwin Vervecken (three time pro World Cyclocross champion and now doing some road racing) and Mike Neel (in my age group and formerly an Olympian and the first American to compete in the pro tour for an Italian team in the 70s). The race was 79 miles and about 6k vertical. The pace was fast with about 50 riders in the lead group. The first climb separated the rest of the pack. No real long climbs, but a lot of all out half milers. Half of the lead pack dropped me and the rest of the 50 on one steep short climb about 30 miles in but 15 of us caught them after about 8 miles. Then they dropped us again after 55 miles or so. There were several pretty bad crashes. There were a couple of nasty downhill sharp turns with bad road. I tried to break from the second group of about 15 on the one longer climb before the downhill descent towards the finish but was caught by the bottom of the climb. It was a mad sprint to the finish in our group, with about 15 riders finishing within 3 seconds.

Posted on May 13 2013
by webtech

April was a terrific month for your club. We had so many great performances by our racing teams. At every level we had winners and podium finishes and it seems it is just getting better as the year progress'.

One particular day really stands out, April 21. On that Sunday we had two events and La Grange really showed up for both. The City of Los Angeles put on a new version of CycLAvia. They closed down the entire length of Venice Blvd. from downtown to Santa Monica. The turnout was the largest ever with an estimated 150,000 + joining the fun. Among this tremendous show of the importance of bicycles were numerous LGer's. From what I am told it was lots of fun and very very crowded.

Posted on Apr 9 2013
by webtech

From the La Grange Board of Directors

A cyclist's recent accident has highlighted longstanding dangers for cyclists on Mandeville Canyon Road. In general the conditions there have worsened for cyclists and motorists over the past few years primarily due to the recent increase in construction projects. With only one point of ingress and egress, Mandeville is a dangerous narrow winding road in physically poor condition.

Changes in our neighborhoods and environment are happening on a daily basis and we as cyclists have to adapt by making changes that we may or may not like - but will ensure our safety and the safety of all around us. All users of our roadways need to cooperate with each other and learn to live in harmony, so that we can continue to enjoy the sport we love.

In response, your La Grange Board of Directors and the Upper and Lower Mandeville Canyon Homeowners Associations (HOAs) have formed a joint committee to implement ideas to make Mandeville safer for cyclists. These ideas include:

Posted on Dec 16 2004
by Jay Slater

Call it loyalty or maybe just stupidity but never let it be said that LG'ers don't give it their all regardless of the conditions.

The Postal Service has their saying about “rain or sleet or snow or dark of night, the mail always goes through”. Well LG'ers don't have to take a back seat to anyone for their dedication to the sport.

It was dark and cold and damp as we rode to Starbucks on San Vicente. Just as we arrived, the first rain drops hit the street. By 6:30 the drops had become a light rain that looked sort of peaceful in the streetlights. We decided to give it a go on the warm up lap (that term quickly became an oxymoron) and see how things were going when we got back to San Vicente.

About 20 of us headed off and as we arrived back at SV it was raining a little harder. Now completely losing our senses we headed down toward Ocean. Lots of mumbling about things like “the further we get from home the harder it's going to rain” could be heard. Or “it's not so bad” with the reply of “sure, if you're a duck!!!!”.

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