Uninsured Motorist Coverage: What All California Drivers Need to Know

It's a puzzling mystery: Drivers who expose themselves to immense financial peril by having minimal or no uninsured motorist coverage. Are they taking the risk or just uninformed?
"If you are involved in an accident in Los Angeles, it's a high likelihood that it will be caused by drivers who are uninsured or underinsured," said Gerald E. Agnew, a Torrance-based serious personal injury attorney. "The only recourse for your damages is your uninsured motorist coverage, not your liability coverage.  Many people have $1 million in liability insurance and $15,000 in uninsured motorist.  We've seen responsible citizens who thought their insurance would ensure their security, and instead suffered terrible financial consequences because of this situation with uninsured drivers on the road."

A tribute to Stu

This upcoming Sunday morning (10/5), we will celebrate the life of Stu Press with a slow-paced Nichols ride. While this has been a very difficult last 24 hours for all of us, we owe it to Stu to have a great turnout to celebrate a great human being. We’ll leave at the usual 8:05AM start from La Grange and Westwood and end up at Peet’s Brentwood where we can hang out and share our favorite Stu stories with each other.

Gold, Gold and enough points for Ivy Koester to become National Champion

Last night Ivy secured her second gold medal in the Junior National Championships being held at the Carson Velodrome and the overall title on points to become the 2014 National Omnium Champion. She did it in a dominent fashion. Starting from the first lap she covered every attack from her main rivals on points but let the other attacks go. She didn't waste an ounce of energy in her 16 lap scratch race. And when it was the bell lap, she laid down a devestating attack that left everyone in her wake. She pedaled like a woman on a mission with no one behind her able to make up any ground. When she crossed the finish line first her smile was from ear to ear as she punched the air with emotion.

Dexter Koester Takes Silver in the Junior National Championship 1K Scratch race

Dexter was following a strong wheel going down the back straight on the last lap of his 4 lap scratch race. That wheel belonged to Alex and he's taking Dexter right to the front of the race. But then in turn 3, Alex overlaps the wheel in front of him and that rider decides to go up track. Their two wheels collide and Alex's front wheel goes wobbly. Right at that momnet a small opening occurs below Dexter on the black line. He instinctually dives down and comes out of turn 4 in second place with some momentum towards first. He can't make up all the ground but does come across in second place and takes home a big ole silver medal. It's the happiest I've ever seen him before after a great race result.

Dexter Koester battles back to take 3rd in State Chamionships on the track

Dexter's weakest event is the 500m TT and that was first up. But Dexter put in a good TT time of 45.56 giving him 4th place overall in the three race omnium. Dexter's main competition was Alex M. and Alexander L. Alex loves the breakaway and uses it effectively all the time when he races. Alexander is more of a sprinter so he likes to wait for the one to go bell to make his move. Knowing this, Dexter's plan was to mark Alex and wait for his breakaway move at around 2-3 to go and if that doesn't go down, then find Alexander and duke it out for the sprint.

In the first 1K scratch race, Alex didn't make his usual move because the pace was too high so it came down to a sprint and Dexter was lined up on Alexander's wheel. When the sprint was started, Dexter was able to hold his wheel but couldn't quite get around him so he finished third behind Alex and Alexander.

Ivy Koester Crashes in the points race and still wins State championship at the track

Ivy likes to make her State Championship wins dramatic. So when she began the third and final race of the omnium, she was sitting in a great spot to take the overall win. She won the 500m TT. And she won the 4k scratch race easily. So all she had to do was finish third or better in the 32 lap points race and she would defend her title as state champion. There were four sprints for points in the race and Ivy was sitting in second place with 1 1/2 laps to go. Cheyenne Comer, who was in second place, had done an effective solo breakaway and was racking up sprint points but Ivy was also earning points sprinting against the field. Cheyenne had 11 points and Ivy had 8.

Then it happened. Ivy had a momentary loss of focus and overlapped a wheel of a girl below her. That girl started to move up track and when she contacted Ivy's front wheel, Ivy lost control of her bike and went down hard on the apron. A sinking feeling arose in my throat. I knew that if she was DNF in the race, that she wouldn't get the points and therefore wouldn't get the jersey she had and was earning on the track.

North American Qualifier for UCI World Road Masters

This past weekend, I won my age group in the North American Qualifier for the UCI World Masters held in Winston-Salem, NC over 74 miles and 3700 vertical (see picture of me and the 3rd place finisher with my UCI qualifier winner half rainbow jersey).  There were about 120 riders from the US, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Belarus, Brazil, and Belgium (you can qualify at any race they sponsor around the world).  The UCI World Masters is now open to all amateur age groups from 19 on and we had a mass start.  The course was rolling but no real climbs for those of us vertically inclined.  The pace was fast from the beginning and there was a tight pack of about 30-35 most of the way.   There were a number of flats (one pot hole ate at least 2-3 riders), mechanical problems and crashes along the way.   Scottie Weiss, a recent pro in the 40+ who won overall last year by 6 mins won again this year but not by so much.    I finished 28 seconds behind him this year with a pack of about 25 or so with an average pace of just under 25 mph.