Thanksgiving Day Charity Ride to Benefit Meals on Wheels

Date & Time: 
Nov 24 2016 - 7:45am

Please join your fellow La Grangers on our annual Thanksgiving Day Charity Ride to Benefit Meals on Wheels. We meet at Peet's in Brentwood at 7:45 am, where you can make a donation to Meals on Wheels representatives. We will roll out at 8 am, and ride to the South Bay, where you willl have the option of doing a loop around the golf course and then stopping for refreshments and a rest at Catalina Coffee, or you can skip the loop and go straight to Catalina Coffee. This is an annual La Grange traditional, and we hope you will join us! Happy Thanksgiving.

2016 Annual Club Picnic

Date & Time: 
Sep 17 2016 - 12:00pm

ONLINE REGISTRATION for the annual club picnic following the Piuma Hill Climb - September 17th at noon. Cost is $10.  Purchase tickets here.

Same great BBQ as in years past, with lovely refreshments from our sponsor Michelob Ultra as well as enough non-alcoholic beverages to keep James Cowan sated while climbing Schueren a few times.

Even climbers can win a Bear Jersey

By nature, I am a climber and had largely given up on the idea of winning a bear jersey at the SCNCA District Road Race Champioship in Bakersfield because the course has only relatively short climbs and the sprinters/power climbers tend to win on the last 600 yard power climb. For two years in a row, I was in the lead on that little power climb and finished 4th and 3rd behind the power climber/sprinters in my 60+ age division.

With some key advice from my coach (Ron Peterson), it became clear that I needed to break from the crowd at some point this year.   So about 1/3 of the way up the first climb on the second of two laps with about 17 miles to go, I hit it hard.   I looked back after 10 seconds and saw no one responding so I hit it again and continued to accelerate.  I got several hundred yards on the crowd over the top of the climb.  One guy made a run at me before the turnaround, which was fortunate, because we agreed to work together.  Really worked well as we held about a quarter mile lead until just before the final power climb when 3 or 4 of the sprinter types had closed the gap to 20 seconds or so.